At McGee Industries we’re building more than stores, warehouses, factories, and office buildings, we’re building trust.

Today, McGee Industries is one of the region’s premier full service construction, design and real estate development organizations, specializing in providing every client-driven service imaginable.

Our focus is on people. We believe that by treating our employees and customer’s right, establishing mutual trust and cultivating long term relationships, that everyone involved will be successful. Since our inception in 1971, we have worked hard to see that they are.

Our success stems, in part, from our ability to offer clients a one-stop source for design, development and construction. The balance of our success can be credited to the strength of our long term relationships, our commitments met and often exceeded, and the quality of the structures we build.


We’re proud to offer clients a single source for design, development, construction, and leasing.

General Contracting

Since 1971, McGee Industries has provided general contracting services through both design/build and bid delivery methods, with a commitment to meeting schedules and budgets. The winning combination of a dedicated construction team, professional designers and talented subcontractors, has allowed McGee Industries to remain one of the most respected commercial contractors in our region.

We construct projects for our clients using a negotiated method, as well as for our own portfolio. With projects ranging from 1 million to 40 million dollars in value, including office buildings, single and multi-tenant retail, warehousing, industrial, automotive and air transportation facilities, military, government and tenant improvement projects.

While the praise we truly care about comes from our relationships with our clients, subcontractors and employees, we are also pleased to be considered one of the “top general contractors” in the region and have been ranked “among the top 20 metal building contractors” in the country, according to Metal Construction News.

Design & Engineering

In commercial and industrial construction, most buildings are ultimately a tool to make money. While budget and location are basic elements, a workable layout and attractive design are essential. Each project is carefully analyzed in partnership with our design professionals, subcontractors and our clients, in order to move from the “drawing on the napkin” to a design that reflects the operational and aesthetic values of the owner. Our in-house design team gives us the ability to evaluate our client’s project concepts and to produce drawings and specifications very early in the process. Many clients need to know the overall project costs before spending money on full design, or even committing to a specific site. Site evaluation and design, due diligence, code compliance and committed project costs are all essential to a projects ability to move forward. In many cases McGee Industries can provide answers, within weeks, and guaranteed prices to take your project to the next step.

The critical element to achieving lower costs and a superior quality facility is Innovation.  This effort is continuous and concentrated throughout our entire design and engineering process.


  • Building and site analysis
  • Operational requirements
  • Aesthetic objectives
  • Building system alternatives
  • Risk management to control costs, schedule, and mitigate risks
  • Value engineering

Design Phase:

  • Architecture
  • Space planning
  • Building design
  • Interior design
  • Site and landscape design
  • Operational requirements
  • Industrial equipment layout


  • Civil engineering
  • Structural engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering

Quality Assurance

  • Specification review
  • Field inspection

Build to Suit-Design/Build

Design/Build and negotiated contract is our most popular construction delivery system. As the latest innovation in commercial development, Design/Build construction contributes more to the success of a project than any other single factor.

It’s hard to beat the advantages of having the contractor and design team, as the same entity, working together from day one to provide maximum cost savings and the best design. Cost comparisons and value engineering can take place far sooner than in the traditional design-then bid process. Early identification of costs allows early changes to the project, saving both time and money.

Design/Build puts the contractor solidly on your side. As the contractor responsible for both design and construction we are providing seamless continuity and responsibility with no overlaps and nothing left out. If there is a problem, you will be looking to us to solve it, unlike the traditional contractor, owner, and architect controversy about who is responsible.

True, we are building a structure that needs to be cost efficient, aesthetically pleasing and operationally effective, but ultimately we are building a tool for you to serve your needs. So your success becomes our success and our reputation. By working closely together, transforming your ideas into a workable plan, solving problems and performing through construction, the warranty and even beyond, we are truly “Building Genuine Relationships”. Relationships built by working together with innovations, integrity and trust.

Trust is the foundation stone of every McGee Industries project. You are relying on us as your contractor and designer to deliver all of your project needs. We hope you will take time to look at our portfolio of projects. As you do, you will gain a sense of the passion, the professionalism, integrity and skill that is responsible for the quality and success of each project.

Design/Build Summary

  • Sole source responsibility for design
 and construction
  • Timely solutions to owner problems
  • Value engineering and changes at
 lowest cost
  • Guaranteed price up front
  • Fast track construction and completion
  • Closer cooperation with the owner to
  achieve enhanced project results

Build to Suit
Through-out our portfolio of projects you will see examples of projects built for national or western united states clients that have specific needs for design build services such as leases, prototype products, target site options and financing. McGee Industries carries land in inventory or will acquire a site or sites to meet the special needs of these clients. Our experience in cooperation with our clients, brokers, design team and contractors make McGee Industries an invaluable resource. We are sensitive to the paramount need for increased communication and cooperation with corporate representatives, and the need to work within the unique corporate culture of each client.

Our history of success has made McGee Industries one of the top contractors and developers catering to corporate clients in our region.

Development & Leasing

McGee Industries has been a leader in the development of commercial and industrial properties for clients with specific needs for facilities, financing and leasing. Our experienced and knowledgeable team offers a broad array of client driven commercial real estate services, development, leasing and financing. Projects include retail, office, warehouse and industrial lease properties to national and regional companies, as well as “completed project” sales, incorporating land acquisition and construction financing. Our customers look to McGee Industries to structure new and innovative avenues for development and to lead the way in overcoming deal-breaking problems. Our success in meeting these challenges has made McGee Industries one of the preferred developers in the region.

Our full range of development services include:

  • Transaction Structuring
  • Site Selection and Investigation
  • Coordination of Contract Documents
  • Construction
  • Design
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Cost Estimating and Control
  • Long Term Tenant Leases
  • Interior Improvements, Renovation and
 Space Planning
  • Pre-Construction Services
  • Scheduling

Real Estate

When CSK Auto promised their stockholders five new stores in Alaska, they needed a contractor who could build in record time and take care of their real estate needs too. Headquartered in Phoenix Arizona, CSK handed every replat, rezone, planning board hearing and real estate problem to McGee Industries. It wasn’t easy, five stores in four cities and a deadline no one believed could be met. 

McGee Industries’ full service capabilities brought all five stores in on time and on budget. Nine stores later, we are still CSK’s go to contractor and real estate developer. Whether McGee Industries purchases the land or works with your broker, our goal is to provide every real estate service imaginable. Success of the project starts with the land, and sooner or later we’ll be building on it. For everyone involved, we want it right.

Our full range of real estate services include:

  • Site selection
  • Site evaluation
  • Site acquisition
  • Due diligence
  • Lease back development
  • Platting and zoning
  • Public hearings
  • Geotechnical investigation
  • Environmental compliance
  • Site development cost & evaluation
  • Utility investigation & development

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We are committed to upholding our most cherished values in every project and task we take on. This means we are committed to you.


From fighter jet hangars to furniture stores, we help our clients meet their mission and achieve their aspirations.