Project Description

F22 Hangars

The Air Force was unable to meet the budget to build 15 hangars for the F-22 Fighter Jets at Elmendorf A.F.B. With innovation and new ideas, we re-worked the entire project and an 81 million dollar facility was built for $38 million, a saving of $43 million. Also, we built our 15 hangars in 290 days, versus the competition building only 7 hangars in two and a quarter years, at more than twice the cost. We did not provide a building reduced in size, scope or quality. We worked hard and smart to give the Air Force everything they asked for and more. The Air Force was in awe! It takes innovation, lots of thought, new ideas and untried ways of doing things to save that kind of money. We were proud to do so for the Air Force and the American Taxpayer.

  1. Invented a never tried before auxiliary power unit exhaust system that worked beautifully
  2. HVAC… Complete redesign saved 3.4 million dollars on this one discipline alone.
  3. Replaced expensive and time-consuming block construction with specialized metal panels.
  4. Provided integrated pre-engineered structural and roofing systems.
  5. Introduced special vestibules for safety during fueling.
  6. Heated electrical and mechanical rooms reduced explosion-proof requirements and saved half a million dollars.
  7. Redesign of fire rated demising walls saved time, money and future maintenance.
  8. Innovative roof insulation saved money and reflected light into the planes.
  9. Superior Hangar doors. They actually worked. The competition’s doors failed and had to be replaced.
  10. Earthquake insurance deductible credit, $750,000 back to the owner.
  11. Six additional cost saving measures.
  12. We added efficiency and cost-savings to the entire process.

Project Details

  • $38 million
  • 103,000 SF
  • Savings of $43 million

Project Details