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Project Description

Executive Airpark

Executive Airpark is the ultimate in luxury accommodation for your corporate jet and accompanying offices. The 85,000 Sq. Ft. of hangers and offices includes 10 hangers, each capable of holding multiple corporate jets, Cessna and Piper Cubs. Each hanger and Office houses custom features and special amenities to suit the individual tenant’s needs. Project owner, Dana Pruhs, wanted a look that would stand out and be the most practical and efficient facilities for his tenants. McGee created the look he wanted with high end architectural curved panels and ribbon windows along with a modern interior finish in both the offices and the hangers.

I told Dana, “If you have an issue with the building down the road, we are here for you.”

Dana Responded, “That’s why I use you.”

Project Details

  • $38 million
  • 103,000 SF
  • Savings- $43 million

Project Details