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Project Description

Builders Choice

When Hultquist homes asked a City Building Department plan reviewer who he should talk to about constructing his new office and manufacturing facility, the official recommended McGee Industries. Hultquist needed a large open span building with several bridge cranes to move his modular homes seamlessly through the various manufacturing areas until completion.

McGee built his 57,000 Sq. Ft. Complex to include manufacturing, storage and offices for Hultquist’s three separate companies. Because the new building was predominantly steel construction we suggested that McGee purchase the steel and store it on site until construction could begin nine months later. Because McGee Industries knew steel prices would rise within the year we were able to save Hultquist Homes tens of thousands of dollars through the forward purchase of steel. This is just one of the many innovative examples McGee Industries used to ultimately save our customer hundreds of thousands of dollars through our insight and expertise in the Industry. McGee Industries was proud to provide not only a great building, but a great process as well. It was a win/win for everyone.

Project Details

  • 57,000 S.F.

Project Details