Lake Otis Offices


Lake Otis Offices A multi-tenant office building providing a modern architectural exterior using a combination of fluted block, EFIS reflective glass and curved copper awnings. As another addition to the McGee Industries lease facilities we wanted an upscale look at a realistic price. With a classy exterior and well-maintained landscape, our tenants have conveyed their [...]

Executive Airpark


Executive Airpark Executive Airpark is the ultimate in luxury accommodation for your corporate jet and accompanying offices. The 85,000 Sq. Ft. of hangers and offices includes 10 hangers, each capable of holding multiple corporate jets, Cessna and Piper Cubs. Each hanger and Office houses custom features and special amenities to suit the individual tenant’s [...]

Builders Choice


When Hultquist homes asked a City Building Department reviewers who he should talk to about constructing his new office and manufacturing facility, the official recommended McGee Industries. Hultquist needed a large open span building with several bridge cranes to move his modular homes seamlessly through the various manufacturing areas until completion.

Bailey’s Furniture


We designed a new two-story showroom and warehouse - distribution facility that became Ron’s dream project. At 120,000 sq. ft., with a dramatic grand staircase entry, carved log fireplace, two story stone waterfall and a custom home theater, no wonder bailey’s new store has received rave reviews. Furniture representatives call it the “nicest store on the west coast.”